“War” by Rigo 23@ Luggae Store Gallery

by Aldocarrera

Rigo 23 is a Portuguese muralist based out of beautiful San Francisco, California. His work is truly inspiring, make sure to check out his pieces if you are in town. The first one is “War” it is on Market St. & 6th Street South. The second mural by Rigo 23 is “Birds” and “Cars” on Bryant Street & 16th Street. The third one i’ve spotted is “One Tree” and that is on Bryant Street & 10th Street. Many of his murals have been taken down, so it is truly a blessing from the unknown to see these in person.


Luggage Store Gallery San Francisco

The Luggage Store Gallery upcoming event:

Lenore Chinn -Cultural Confluence

The Luggage Store Gallery is pleased to present
Cultural Confluences: The Art of Lenore 
Chinn celebrates the public unveiling of The Oracle Room, a painting for which Chinn 
has received a 2011 San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artist Commission, in Visual Arts. It is contextualized by Chinn’s most iconic canvases which focus on Asian American and LGBT themes.
“Lenore Chinn’s large-scale photo-realist portrait and commemorative paintings illuminate her career as an artist and as an activist in San Francisco’s diverse LGBT and Asian-American communities (indeed they are not separate).
Participating in and interrupting the historical tradition of portrait painting, Chinn’s loving and intimate portraits of individuals and same-sex couples render visible and luminous subjects whose cultural identities are multiple and complex….”
—Harmony Hammond, Author, “Lesbian Art in America: A Contemporary History”

Opening Reception: Friday June 8, 2012

Time: 6-9pm

Place: The Luggage Store

Address: 1007 Market St. (nr 6th), SF CA 94103,

Telephone: 415-255-5971

Website: http://www.luggagestoregallery.org